Turf can be cleaned by using a hose or sprinkler. The best way to get rid of leaves or debris is to use a blower.

Go Turf recommends using a zeodorizer and antimicrobial infill for yards. Zeodorizer is an all-natural Infill & Pet Deodorizer for your yard that is safe for animals & kids, chemical-free, and sustainably-sourced. It neutralizes pet and other odors in synthetic turf. Antimicrobial optifill is a  polymeric coated, and is resistant to microbes, fungi, and odors. Go Turf recommends 2-3 pounds per sq. ft for yard applications.

Turf can increase in temperature when the sun or heat index rises. A quick shot of water from the hose or sprinklers will decrease the temperature of the turf by 20 degrees. Using a HydroChill infill can greatly decrease the temperature of your turf in the hot days of summer.

Go Turf recommends 2-3 lbs of infill total for all yard applications. The infill breakdown consists of 1lb of optifill antimicrobials and 1-2 lbs of silica sand and zeodorizer infill combination.

Choosing a turf can be overwhelming due to the many different styles and colors. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • How much traffic will it get?
  • Will pets be on the turf?
  • What type of color combination are you looking for?
  • How tall do you want the blades to be?

Remember, we’re here to help answer your questions and find the right turf for you. Just contact us!

Go Turf synthetic turf will last 15-20 years.

Yard turf will drain 30 gallons per hour and pet turf will drain 100 gallons per hour

No, pet turf is only best for yards where there is a lot of traffic from animals that requires a lot of waste cleanup. It is best to pick which turf you like because all synthetic turf is pet friendly. Blade height is something to consider when picking up animal waste.

Face weight is determined by the weight of fibers within the product and does not include the weight of the backing. Face weight can sometimes determine how much a product is worth, depending on the amount of product. It is most commonly thought that the heavier the product’s face weight, the more the product will cost.

Turf is typically 12-15 ft wide and can be cut to a maximum length of 100 feet.